Mustangs in Black and White


Everyone who knows me well knows I love vivid, rich, saturated colors. So why turn to black and white? Because a friend asked for it!

After I got that request, I reviewed my photo archives to determine which images would best lend themselves to a monochrome treatment and soon learned these that images meeting one of these criteria were good black-and-white candidates:

  • Images with strong contrast
  • Images with distracting colors
  • Images shot in harsh light

Some of the images I'm including in the new collection were improved by the new edit. In the desert the background is often an unattractive grayish yellow. The red of an appaloosa or a roan or even a bay horse against that color is sometimes unpleasing. And, I've found that with an action shot, like the image of these horses fighting, a black-and-white treatment emphasizes the shapes and lines of the composition and makes it even more powerful.

I hope you enjoy the new collection!