Finding Wild Horses

From my early days of watching old TV westerns and movies that featured horses I was enamored of them. Wonderful books like Misty of Chincoteague made me want to see horses in the wild. My sister and I had a spirited horse when we were in high school. We loved that cantankerous, green-broke gelding! When my children were little we had a quarter horse mare that everyone could ride. She was a delightful addition to the family, but we found it was a bit much to try to take care of her on our foothill property, especially when the snow got deep.

Fast forward a couple of decades to when I discovered through contacts on FaceBook that herds of wild horses roam the deserts a mere two hours away from my current residence! Being able to drive over the Sierras to see them is a childhood dream come true, and it never gets old! As you can imagine, wild horses aren't exactly predictable; they roam many miles every day, so finding them is a result of luck and persistence. 

I saw this brand new pinto foal and its mare on a hillside, isolated from their band. I couldn't get close, but was happy to discover this baby so new the stub of its umbilical cord was still visible. Desert life is rough, and this foal was born in the Fall. Here's hoping it makes it through the winter.